Deemoney offers flat fee of 150 baht for international money transfer amounts as low as 1,000 to 800,000 baht with instant cash out and bank account credits in 17 countries Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, China, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, England and United states of America.
This includes transfer fees for sending and receiving party compared to 1,300 baht of swift/tt charges local banks charge. Moreover, Deemoney accepts cash and simple one-time documentation of a valid passport or national ID to register to its service and thereafter customer is able to use Deemoney app at anytime and anywhere
Deemoney offers direct Thai baht to local currency conversions for 17 countries ensuring that the sender doesn’t occur any exchange losses between sender and receiver bank thus giving additional savings for 1 to 8 percent (depending on transfer volume) on foreign exchange costs per transactions which is another additional huge savings for each transfer.

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For more information contact us at: 02 821 5555