Send Money from Thailand to Cambodia

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+150 THB Transaction Fee*
Guaranteed Rate: 1 THB = 0.00000 AUD

Go bank-free from Thailand to anywhere in Cambodia

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150 THB Flat

That’s right – we’re the only ones with a flat fee!

Easy Registration

Register once with just one valid ID (passport or Thai ID) and then never walk into a branch again!

Exact Transfers

Your recipient gets the exact amount with no deductions

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Payment Mode

Cash Pickup

Wing Wallet Credit

Type of Payment


Disbursement Currency

US Dollar (USD)

Cambodian Riel (KHR)

Payout Limits
/ Transaction

1,000 USD / 4,000,000 KHR Cash Pickup

2,500 USD / 10,000,000 KHR  Wallet Credit

Maximum Transaction Limits
/ Day

800,000 THB


For payouts in USD currency:

0 THB Fee

For payouts in KHR currency:

Flat 150 THB Fee

Approximate time taken for payment

15 minutes for cash and wallet

Cash Pickup Locations

Wing Agent Locations

*Sender pays amount + 150 THB transfer fee for transactions lower than 5,000 THB for USD payout.
The transfer fee is waived for transactions over 5,000 THB for USD payout only.
The transfer fee for KHR payout is 150 THB flat.
7% VAT applies.

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