A New Way to Make International Payments for Your Business​

Got suppliers to pay? Invoices to settle? International payroll to manage? It is now all possible with DeeMoney.

Focus On Growing Your Business

Register your business and start transferring to other individuals or businesses around the world.

Let DeeMoney take care of your cross-border payments with ease and security. Save more compared to bank transfers (SWIFT).

One Time Registration

We only require you to sign-up once

Better For Your Business

Grow your bottom line with savings on fees and FX rates

Settle Payments

with no FX risk and maximum transparency

Safe and Secure

Manage your receivers to ensure payments go where they are meant to. 

Save Up to 12% Compared to Banks

Controlling costs and keeping a check on the bottom line is crucial for any business. Moving money between borders shouldn’t be expensive. DeeMoney has been offering industry-first flat fees for international transfers from 1,000 THB to 800,000 THB and industry-best FX rates for individual customers since 2018.  

We are now doing the same for businesses.

THB per transaction (VAT included)

Send To 29 Countries!

Transfer money to the USA, Europe, India, Hong Kong and 24 other countries to settle all kinds of business payments.

Why DeeMoney?

Guaranteed Transfers

Pay your clients on time, all the time, with our Guaranteed Next Working Day Account Credit

No FX Risk

We take the risk for you. DeeMoney doesn’t charge a currency conversion fee

Save 12% Compared to Banks

Save thousands of Baht on each transfer, Minimize the impact on your bottom line

Secure & Fully Regulated

DeeMoney is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Thailand since 2018

Rates as of 9:00am September 23, 2021






24.60 THB


European Union


39.21 HB


Hong Kong






0.4570 THB




0.002440 THB




8.04 THB




0.6745 HB






United Kingdom




United States


33.32     THB




0.03082     THB

499 Baht per transfer (including VAT)
* Rates are subject to change

*European Union: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands, Malta, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, San Marino, and Monaco.

How is DeeMoney different from Bank Transfers (SWIFT)?

Pay the exact local payout amount – The receiver gets the exact amount in their local currency. No surprise front-to-end.

Guaranteed F/X rate – We guarantee the F/X rate when you make payment in foreign currencies, making it easy to see what you are actually being charged.

No Hidden Fees – We charge a small flat fee of 499 Baht (VAT included) per transaction regardless of the amount.

Guaranteed Transfer Time – DeeMoney for business is the only cross-border payment service provider in Thailand with guaranteed next-working day account credit.

Tracking – Similar to tracking a package, customers will get notified with your payment’s status, how long it’s taking to process and when the funds have been received by the recipient.

Transparency – We are 100% transparent on the F/X Rate of each transaction. You will see the final FX before making a transaction, what you see is what the recipient will receive. No more nasty hidden fees.

Direct Connectivity to Each Country’s Payment Network

No Time Wasted on Paperwork – To make the registration process easier, we will send one of our representatives to onboard and handle all the paperwork, making sure that you can make your transfer in no time.

Please note, the forms and supporting documents need to be submitted at one of the following DeeMoney branches:


Registration process includes the following steps:

– Fill the relevant forms as per the registration process

– Attach supporting documents

– Information along with documents is reviewed by compliance team which will take 3 working days to process

– Upon successful approval, the company will be notified.

Once a company has completed onboarding, it is ready to make transfers through our DeeMoney for Business Web Portal or you can reach out to your Account Manager to initiate a transfer.


Click here to see our branch locations.

United Kingdom
United States of America
People’s Republic of China – Coming Soon!
Hong Kong

Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Malta, Finland, Ireland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, San Marino, Slovakia, Monaco, Belgium

Company Certificate

Copy of list of shareholders’ names (Bor or Jor. 5)

ID Copy of the Authorized Signatory

Copy of Certificate of Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration (Phor Phor. 20) (if any)

Copy of Financial statement (last 6 months)

The transfer limit is 800,000 THB per transfer per day for all countries listed above.


For India, B2B transaction limit is THB 620,000 per transaction. However, the daily limit is THB 800,000.

For Indonesia, transfers can be made only to bank accounts held with BNI, BCA, Mandiri, or BNI Syariah.

We only charge a flat fee of 499 THB per transaction whether you’re sending 1000 THB or 800,000 THB!

*Exclusive Offer! 0 Fee on all DeeMoney for Business transaction from today until 31 October 2021

A tax invoice will be given at the branch when the transaction has been successfully processed.

No, the funds you transfer are directly credited into their bank accounts.

DeeMoney is licensed and fully regulated by Bank of Thailand as well as other financial regulators. Your data is stored and protected with the highest level of encryption. We will never share your information with third parties and the only documents required are kept on our private servers, the rest get deleted once the transaction is complete

In cases where the authorized signatory is unable to physically come to the branch, a POA authorizes DeeMoney to complete the transaction on behalf of the signatory.