Next day transfers. Guaranteed.

What is DeeNext?


DeeNext is a new money transfer service offered by DeeMoney with  a guarantee that your money will reach the beneficiary account within the next working day from the transaction date.

The service is available to 33 countries and territories:

  • United Kingdom;
  • United States of America;
  • Australia;
  • Philippines;
  • Indonesia;
  • India;
  • Pakistan;
  • Singapore;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Malaysia, and
  • 23 European countries; which includes: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands, Malta, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, San Marino, and Monaco, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Denmark.

*Guaranteed next working day.

How does it work and how can I use it?

DeeMoney Money Transfer service is available to all registered customers 24/7 via the DeeMoney app (iOS and Android), and during working hours at branches.  

The DeeNext service is available to all DeeMoney customers automatically for the 35+ countries listed below for transactions made via the DeeMoney App and from branches.  This means that any transfers to those countries will be credited within the next working day*. No further registration is required to use the DeeNext Working Day service.

What does "next working day" mean?

DeeNext guarantees that the transaction will be credited into the beneficiary account within the next working day provided the transfer is conducted and paid by 4pm Bangkok time from Monday to Friday (Excluding public holidays).  

  1. If your transaction to DeeMoney was processed by 4pm on a working day (not a weekend or national holiday) in Thailand, your receiver will have their account credited within the next working day. This is the guarantee provided by transactions using the DeeNext service.


    You have made a transaction to an Indian bank account on Monday at 3pm using DeeNext. The Recipient will receive the funds on Tuesday in India provided that it’s not a public holiday. 

    Weekends and public holidays in Thailand, the USA, and your receiving country will NOT be considered part of the processing time period.  DeeNext working day service only applies to transactions working days before 4pm.  

  2.  If your transaction is done after 4pm or done on a national holiday or weekend, this transaction will be processed on the next working day and the receiver will receive funds the next working day following the initial processing day.


    You have transferred to the UK on Sunday at 2 PM in Thailand; the transaction will be processed the next working day in Thailand, in this case, Monday. The funds will then be credited to the receiver in the UK on Tuesday with DeeNext service level guarantee. 

What is the fee?

The service charge for DeeNext is a flat rate of 250 THB for all remittance amount transferred.

A flat rate means that there are no hidden costs.  There is no deduction in the beneficiary amount and the funds are received in full. 

What if it’s delayed?

DeeNext has been through countless testing and we are confident that delays are extremely unlikely to happen. However, anything can happen.

As such, if the transaction has been done on a working day in both countries (Thailand and the receiving country) and before 4 PM of the working day and the money was not received within the guaranteed time given, DeeMoney will offer an immediate refund of the transfer amount and service fee.

*Exceptions Apply

The Service Level Agreements listed above this section DO NOT apply in the following cases:

If your transaction is held by compliance on either sender or receiver party and face delays requiring further investigations or documentations to support the transaction details. You will be contacted in case of this exception.

For customers that submit wrong or inactive accounts the transactions will not be able to be completed in the service level guarantees.

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